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ClinicServer New Logo

New Logo Announcement: Introducing ClinicServer Logo Refresh

We are proud to announce the launch of a fresh company logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our company’s brand. Our business has grown and evolved over the last 15 years, and we are currently on the cusp of a significant new product release, so we felt it was an appropriate time to ...

Healthcare clinic scheduling software

We couldn’t be more excited.

Things are abuzz here in ClinicServerville. We are changing, moving, growing… we have been working harder than ever before, and we are bursting at the seams to tell you all about what’s been going on over here; why we’ve been so quiet and what lies around the corner. That feeling you get at the age ...

Electronic Confirmation Software

Is sending my patients e-confirmation messaging considered spamming?

To determine whether or not the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) applies to your clinic’s e-confirmation messages, you will need to ask yourself some questions. We attempted to simplify the language of the law, and have highlighted a few important questions to consider below. But first, *disclaimer alert* we emphasize that this article is solely ...

Clinic Billing Scheduling Software

Letter from the founder: I have big news.

When I first thought about designing software to run our orthopedic clinics in 1986, computers had 640K of memory, not enough to send a simple text message! In our small corner of Saint John, New Brunswick, ClinicServer had quietly become the first cloud-based software in the world to be offered commercially to paramedical clinics. In ...

ClinicServer BioSign Partner

ClinicServer Partners with Biosign

TORONTO, ONTARIO, May 29th, 2013 – Biosign Technologies Inc. (TSXV: BIO) (“Biosign” or the “Company”) announced: New Sales Agent / Value Added Reseller Biosign has partnered with IBL-Internet Business Logic Inc (“ClinicServer”), a developer of “Cloud” clinical management software, based in Saint John New Brunswick to jointly integrate Biosign’s Pulsewave™ health monitor technology and Healthanywhere™ ...

Clinic Therapist Software

Top 3 things that will drive clinic managers crazy about penny rounding

When pennies become more scarce after the Canadian government stops supplying them after Feb. 4, 2013, business owners may need to accept a rounded cash payment amount, rather than the exact amount a customer was charged. Things may feel less precise than they used to be, which may cause some angst, such as the following ...

Clinic Scheduling Software

Four things business owners need to know about elimination of the Canadian penny

As the company comptroller, I promised to delve into the details about elimination of the penny. We want to ensure that we are doing the right things in our business and in our clinic management software, and that we are able to advise clinical practice owners appropriately when the Canadian federal government stops distributing pennies ...

Physio Massage Therapy Blog

How to Write Content for Your Private Practice Blog

So you’ve done it, you’ve followed the advice of many social marketers and expanded your web presence to include a blog section.Ok great, so now what? How do you use this new Blog feature to drive traffic to your site, or better yet, to your clinic? How do you ensure that you are using your ...

Scheduling Software for Clinics

The Hidden Costs of Expanding Your Clinic

If your business is successful, you have the option to expand. Ideally, a successful business will eventually consider expanding. For clinicians, this often means hiring new practitioners and opening another location. There are many questions that come with these types of decisions: Will the increased revenue outweigh the costs? Will I be financially better off ...